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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 23, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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and are we headed toward another don'tdown to a government shutdown? live from our studio in washington, this is "special report". good evening. i'm bret baier. just a few hours after the group session at the fox news google debate, republican presidential candidates were making individual pitches to conservatives today in florida. but it was the aftereffects of a comment made last night that fueled today's fire. chief political correspondent carl cameron has the story from orlando. >> reporter: at the conservative political action conference in orlando, florida, the morning after the fox news debate, mitt romney pounded rick perry on immigration. >> my friend, governor perry said that if you u don't agree with his position on giving that instate tuition to illegals, that you don't have a heart. i think if you are opposed to illegal immigration it doesn't mean that you don't have a heart. it means that you have a heart and a brain. maminnesota congress woman bachmann underscoreing that she
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and other conservatives accept perry. >> i will tbild build a fencer southern border against illegal immigration. and we will not have taxpayer subsidized benefits for illegal immigrants or for their children. >> conservatives who watched last night's debate were insulted by perry's charge that they are uncaring. >> the thing that i'm tired of is being told that i'm heartless and being a conservative and it is unaccept seasonably. >> reminiscent of john mccain when snapped at voters for complaining that he bakd reform proposals that amounted to amnesty for illegal immigrants. today's remarks the texas governor never mentioned immigration. he instead blasted romney for healthcare and said debate skills are not what the presidency is about. >> as conservatives we know that values and vision matter, it is not who is the slickest candidate or the smoothest
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debater that we need to elect. >> bachmann demand the gop objection moderates. ripping romney for unqualified for the healthcare in massachusetts which became a model for obama care. >> if there is any election when we conservatives don't settle it is this election. this is the election when we can have it all. don't settle. have a candidate who is right on obama care. who has fought against obama care. >> reporter: tomorrow, florida republicans hold a major straw poll. before the debate, perry had been h heavily favored to win but many conservatives are teeply troubled by his -- deeply troubled by his immigration position and while he still could pull off a victory tomorrow, there is no denying that his position on illegal immigration is costing him with conservatives. bret? >> bret: carl cameron live in orlando. thank you. we will have more from the
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debate a little later and, of course, with the panel. the issue of palestinian statehood came to a head today at the united nations. leaders of the palestinian authority and israel laid out their arguments for and for now against. senior correspondent eric chong shows us what happened. >> reporter: he received a standing ovation even before he spoke. moments earlier, the palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas had delivered the necessary paper work to the u.n. secretary general to start the process for a vote on a palestinian state at the security council and general assembly. 64 years after the u.n. par partitioned palestine which led to the creation of the state of israel abbas said it was long past time for his people. >> i in my capacity as president of the state of palestine submitted to his excellency mr. moon, secretary general of the united nations an application for the admission of palestine on the
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basis of the borders of june 4, 1967 as a full member of the united nations. >> reporter: abbas blamed israel for the breakdown in negotiations. citing the continued building of housing settlements in the west bank. he says he is open to the new talks but in calling for the vote is is defying the obama administration which promised to veto it in the security council. >> i do not believe that any one with a shred of conscience can reject our application. >> reporter: amid the applause, the american delegation shes u.s. ambassador susan rice sat on its hands. benjamin netanyahu gave his response. >> this is an unfortunate part of the u.n. institution. it is the failure of the absurd. >> netanyahu lashed out, citing the u.n. long history of targeting israel. he said israel does support the
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concept of a peaceful palestinian state but that israel's security must be guaranteed and the palestinians need to recognize it as a jewish state. >> the truth is that israel wants peace with the palestinian states but the palestinians want a state without peace. >> reporter: he insists he wants to restart negotiations but said both sides must make what he called painful compromises. >> after such a peace agreement is signed, israel will not be the last country to welcome a palestinian state as a new member of the united nations. we will be the first. >> reporter: tonight, u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton urged both sides to use this opportunity to "get back to talks". the security council will meet monday to discuss the palestinian bid. a vote could be weeks or months away if there even is one. bret? >> bret: thank you. in other international news, pakistan's army chief denying allegations his country's
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government and spy agency are aiding a powerful terrorist facilities objection believed to be behind the recent attack on the u.s. embassy in afghanistan. the general says statements thursday by the u.s. joint chiefs chairman were "scrun fortunate and not based on facts". supporters of former libyan leader momar quadaffi attacked the building in may. demonstrators called for the new leaders to address the needs of people injured during the six month long civil war. the obama administration is repeating its call for yemen's president to step down. he made a surprise return to yemen today. he had been undergoing medical treatment in saudi arabia. he called for a cease fire in yemen and negotiations but did not mention leaving power. back here in washington the temptation is to say stop me if you have heard this before -- republicans and democrats are going their separate ways tonight with the threat of a government shutdown looming not
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far from the distance. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel tells us what it is about this time. good evening, mike. >> reporter: the government is due to run out of cash next saturday. the more immediate concern is fema running out of disaster relief money in the coming days but not enough concern for congress to find a compromise. >> house lawmakers left for the airport after a political gavel over a stop gap spending bill had been extended to monday. >> i'm calling on my colleagues, senator mcconnell, speaker boehner, to take the weekend, work with us and cool off. let us work together to find common ground. >> reporter: the senate tabled a bill that passed the house late last night that would fund the government from october 1 until november 18 and provide $3.7 billion in disaster assistance in the wake of hurricane irene and texas wildfires. >> adding delay ts -- any delay that occurs because of inaction
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in the senate will only imper ril needed disaster relief for thousands of families across the country. >> reporter: some republican members from districts devastated by the hurricane last month shared heartbreaking stories. >> i was in the kitchen of a woman who told me that in the last six months she lost her husband, her son, and now everything she owns. >> reporter: but reed rejected any effort to pay for the disasters with spending cuts arguing these are emergencies but many republicans say that way of doing business is something the country cannot afford. >> what is atish stheu is whether we are going add to the or not. >> reporter: when senators return on monday they will vote on the house bill without the offsets which had taken money from green technology programs. democratic leaders will take the weekend to try to firm up support. >> i'm confident if we work together we can find a solution. the solution is there if people would stop and read our
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legislation. >> reporter: lawmakers were due to be o recess next week due to the jewish holiday ros rosh h a rosh hashanah. >> bret: thank you. dead people getting your tax dollars. we will tell you how that is possible later in the grapevine. in just 30 seconds, what a week it was on wall street. [ thunder rumbles ] what is the sign of a good decision? in the world of personal finance, it's massmutual. find strength and stability in a company that's owned by its policyholders. ask your advisor, or visit
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world economic powers trying to calm jittery markets today. ministers meeting at the imf conference promising to launch a bold effort to combat a chronic slowdown in growth. the dow gained 38 but still lost 750 points this week. its worst sense october of 2008. the s&p 500 was up 7 as you see and the nasdaq finished ahead 28. oil continued its downward slide today. crude futures dropped 66 cents to close at $79.85 a barrel. bp reportedly filed an oil exploration plan with the u.s. government for the gulf of mexico. the first such filing since the massive oil spill. 11 borker11 workers were killel of 2010.
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we love bikes. we love riders. and most of all, we love to ride. perfect hair every time. leading the pack in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> bret: lawmakers had plenty of questions for top executives of the solar panel firm solyndra as they appeared on capitol hill today. but chief white house correspondent ed henry reports they didn't get any answers. >> reporter: half a billion dollars in taxpayer money up in smoke. >> and now we have our own modern day great train robbery. >> reporter: lawmakers greeted with a solyndra stone wallace
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two top executives invoked nift fifth amendment right. >> i respectfully decline to answer any questions. >> took the fifth one day after the washington post reveals company officials spent money at a fuhr russ pace at the head quarters. wasting money on a glitzy conference room and state of the art equipment. still in the shrink wrap and unused when the company went bust. >> that is when i got the double whammy. not only am i a taxpayer. i'm also an employee of the company. >> reporter: james daniels one of the 1100 people laid off attended a special job fair today in california for ousted solyndra employees and is fumeing that company executives were number at th mum at the h. >> i feel they are hiding something. >> reporter: lawmakers say they were lied to as well. citing an e-mail in which a solyndra official insisted the company had a positive economic
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and jobs situation in july, 49 days before they filed for bankruptcy. >> we are not going to conclude this until we get all of the answers. >> reporter: but without a smoking gun proving political malfeasance at the white house, republicans like house oversight chairman darryl issa shifted their attacks. >> what are the number of green jobs, real jobs that go on past government contracting or government subsidy? >> fox news learned that just last year eye zarkhaw eye zarkf positioned for green jobs. in a january of 2010 letter awarding the opportunity will greatly assist a leading developer of electric vehicles in my disrict. >> republicans in congress are now dancing on solyndra's grave. but they seem to have a case of collective amnesia. >> reporter: that was is democratic congressman henry waxman. issa responded by saying the republican chairman is in favor
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of green jobs but as long as it is part of a broader strategy to create jobs across all sectors. >> bret: ed henry live at the white house. we will take a closer look at the push for green jobs in the country sunday night in a fox news special. here is a preview. >> we agreed to height his identity. so he would tell us about how he pursued millions of dollars in federal grants to train students for green jobs he says did not exist. >> did you feel dirty doing it? >> well, it is not really feeling dirty and it is -- no. >> did other colleges do the the same thing? pad or create -- >> i think everybody is doing it. it is happening oi cros acrosse country. >> if your college got 10 to $12 million and you say that is a common practice, that starts to become real money. >> it is real money and in the hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars.
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>> bret: join me for green jobs, help wanted 9:00 p.m. eastern sunday evening. >> still ahead, who is rich and how much do they make? first, the best of last night's republican candidate debates. you could save a bundle with geico's multi-policy discount. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. ♪ geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. my subaru saved my life. ♪
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i will never forget that. [anncr:] love. it's what makes a subaru... a subaru.
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>> bret: texas governor rick perry was, once again, on the steveing end of jabs from all other candidates during thursday night's presidential candidate debate in florida and the top two men in the polls were particularly tough on each other. correspondent shannon bream has the highlights. >> an important difference between the rest of the people on this stage and one person that wants to run for the presidency. >> reporter: frontrunners rick perry and mitt romney sparred early and often. >> i think americans just don't know sometimes which mitt romney they are dealing with. >> reporter: each made the
3:21 pm
argument to voters that the other flipped on key issues. romney says there are different issues of rick perry including the one who called social security unconstitutional. >> you better find that rick perry and get him to stop saying that. >> reporter: most attacks aimed squarely at perry. and his opposition to a border fence. >> skwrao: i woul >> i would build a fence on america's southern border on every mile, every yard, every foot, every inch of the southern border. >> what you need to do is attack their benefits. no free education. no free subsidies. no citizenship. no birth right citizenship. >> he gave a speech in 2001 where he talked about buy national health insurance between mexico and texas. i don't even think barack obama would be for binational health insurance. >> and that sparked a heated exchange between perry and rick santorum.
3:22 pm
the candidate many believed stepped up last night. >> have you ever been to the border with mexican side yoa. surprised if you have because in you wering paying attention. is put the boots on the ground and aviation assets on the ground. >> it is not working. >> because the federal government has not engaged in this at all. when i am the the president of the united states i will promise you one thing, we will put -- >> reporter: what do you think? log on to you tube .com/fox news and weigh in. you will feend the debate responses and have a chance to vote on how you think they did. you u have a week to vote so log on and get out your own debate report card. in orlando, shannon bream, fox news. >> bret: the economy, of course, was another big topic last night. it was predictably little enthusiasm for president obama's plan to increase taxes on the rich which brings us to chief washington correspondent james rosen and a look at exactly who those rich people are. >> reporter: bret, as you found out last night, the question of
3:23 pm
who is rich is one that politicians, especially the unmistakable rich ones find it advisable not to addressing trectly. directly. >> is half a million dollars rich? a million dollars rich? what is the definition. >> i don't try to define who is and is not rich. i want people in the country to have opportunity. >> ordinary americans and those who participated in our interactive debate by logging on to google have definite ideas about this. if our online poll as you can see, 12% said those with annual incomes higher than 100 grand a year are rich. 22% thought you had to make $200,000 a year to qualify. another 12% pinpointed those earning 500 grand a year and million airs as rich. >> mr. speaker, the president of the united states. >> reporter: in his address to congress this month, president obama effectively defined as rich, those he feels who should
3:24 pm
pay higher taxes anyway those who earn 250 grand a year. different folks in different cities weighed in. >> i think anybody who makes over $100,000 should be living good. >> about 500 to $600,000 a year. >> i would make my cut at half a million a year. >> you can scour economic textbooks for a definition of the rich and you will not find one. it is purely subjective. go to san francisco p, new york, washington, d.c. you will find a definition of rich different than if you went to a city in the middle of illinois or in the middle of iowa or the middle of oklahoma. >> reporter: you will see rich defined at least twice more in coming months in november when the supercommittee in congress provides its recommendations for our fiscal path and then when the bush era tax cuts expire once again in late 2012. bret? >> bret: thank you. some folks have been getting rich on your tax money paid to dead people. that's next in the grapevine.
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3:29 pm
an inspector general's report faults the office of personnel and management for continuing to send out checks meant for retired or disabled federal workers even after they have passed away. in one case, the son of a beneficiary received payments totaling more than a half million dollars for 37 years after his father's death. the report reads "it is time to stop once and for all this waste of taxpayer money". opm's director acknowledged the report and said he remains deeply committed to resolving the issue. updating a story we brought you tuesday in the friday follow-up segment. chuck grassley said heads should roll following an audit that showed justice department officials spending $16 apiece for muffins and $8 for a cup of coffee during government conferences. grassley blamed the culture of elitism. the obama administration ordered agencies to review
3:30 pm
catering costs for events. a moon rock has turned up after three decades. they discovered the rock reportedly worth millions of dollars inside a box of former president bill clinton's memorabilia. it was packed away in his gubernatorial files back in 1980 and wasn't seen again until this week. the long lost moon rock will be given to arkansas' current governor to be placed on public display. president obama says lessons have been learned from the no child left behind program and now it is time to leave it behind. not everyone agrees. correspondent doug mcelway explains. >> reporter: when president bush signed the no child left behind act on january 8, 2002 it enjoyed broad bipartisan support. ten years later has lost the support across the political spectrum. >> no child left behind is in many ways the poster child for unintended consequences. >> the central fault, the failure of too many schools to
3:31 pm
meet the benchmark status. bankemany schools decided not o increase academic rigor but to dumb down tests. president obama today announced an executive branch solution. >> starting today we be giving states more flexible to meet high standards. keep in mind the change we are making is not low aring standards. we are saying we will give you more flexibility to meet high standards. >> reporter: it allows the states to apply for waivers from no child left behind but the states must adopt education policy changes that the administration deems necessary. a stipulation that some see as another federal i intrusion ino the state responsibility. >> trying to require states to adopt particular prescriptions for college and career ready standards. trying to require states to adopt particular approaches to teacher evaluation. he is trying to require states to adopt obama administration
3:32 pm
favored approaches to school improvement. >> just because you have every state over a barrel don't be tempted to use this opportunity to become a national school board. >> reporter: the move comes barely hours after most of the republican candidates for president voiced support for a smaller or no federal role in secondary education. >> we need to dramatically shrink the federal department of education and get rid of virtually all of its regulations. >> we feed to get the federal government out of education. >> ironically no child left behind is one of the few poll issues where there is bipart san aah port in congress. texas death row inmates will no longer be allowed to choose their last meals. officials say the final straw came last week. lawrence brewer awaiting execution for a hate crime
3:33 pm
slaying asked for two chicken fried steaks, a chicken meat bacon cheeseburger, a pizza, a pound of barbecue and more. he didn't eat any of it. he said he wasn't hungry. from now on, inmates will get what the kitchen is serving. we will talk about what republicans said in florida today and what they said during last night's debate. fox all-stars join me after a quick break. 're not employers or employees. not white collar or blue collar or no collars. we are business in america. and every day we awake to the same challenges. but at prudential we're helping companies everywhere find new solutions to manage risk, capital and employee benefits, so american business can get on with business. ♪
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governor perry said that if you don't agree with his position on giveing that instate tuition to illegals, that you don't have a heart. i think if you are opposed to illegal immigration it doesn't mean that you don't have a heart, it means that you have a heart and a brain. >> as conservatives we know that values and vision matter. it is not who is the slickist candidate or the smoothest debater that we need to elect. we need to elect the candidate with the best record and the
3:37 pm
best vision for this country. >> bret: well, the top two candidates at least in the polls going into the debate last night speaking at the conservative political conference in orlando just hours after the debate. what about the fallout after the debate? let's bring in the panel. tucker carlson, editor of the daily caller. charles lane, editorial writer for the washington post and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. your thoughts? governor perry senseing that he needed to say something today and saying this we don't need to elect someone who is good at debating. >> well, he is not good at debating for certain. i don't think this was a good debate for perry. one in a series of bad debates for perry and i think in fact there was a moment in this debate that we will remember if in fact the perry candidacy doesn't succeed. and i think this you don't have a heart argument was really telling. the sort of fact free emotion-based argument that is
3:38 pm
not actually an argument that the left used to put up. he was is in fact arguing if you don't agree with my position you are bad person and that is not a very smart argument at all. i think it played to the perception that he is not a sophisticated perpetrator. bperson. romney is lying, i right my own books was a job designed to make the point jshes i think he hurt himself by saying that. >> rick perry has come off in the debates as a some what angry candidate. grier than i thought. and for awhile that seemed like an vak that h advantage that hs voicing recentments of a lot of people that don't like the way things are going. what he has failed to do is put any kind of upbeat or inspirational move on top of that. instead allowed himself to get repeatedly sort of drawn into squabbles like he did last night with ricks santorum. that didn't work out too well because santorum had been to
3:39 pm
the border. i think he has to find a way to recast himself in a little more inspiring upbeat optimistic light. a little more -- >> yes. >> i don't want to pile on but i was struck by the fact that this was the third debate where perry had not done well and i think there was one question on pakistan, it wasn't an easy question but the perry answer was simply incoherent it was not that he got it wrong, there wasn't an easy or good answer. seems as if he didn't quite know how to think about the question about nuclear weapons and pac pakistan. >> getting into the wrong hands what would he do. and i think that is added to the accusation of bad faith against conservatives who don't agree with him on the border issue and instate tuitions. i think he hurt himself and i think there was an obvious admission of it in the statement he made where he said
3:40 pm
we don't want the slickest debater. obviously he isn't. honestly the person helped is romney because if he succeeds in beating somebody who came in way ahead of him in the race it will increase his sta stature n the same way when obama who was unknown and not that much trusted ending up sleigh the clinton machine, all of a sudden he became a stat teur in the eyes of democrat. >> bret: there will be an effort if in fact what you all are saying perry drops in the polls if that happens there will be an effort to have another not romney candidate. there were other candidates who had big applause lines during the night. herman cain and ron paul. take a listen. >> unlike governor romney's plan, my plan throws out the old one. he is still hooked to the current tax code diswhrarks dog won't hunt. >> what you need to do is to
3:41 pm
tax their benefits. no free education. no free subsidies. no citizenship. no birth right citizenship. >> bret: a lot of applause lines, congressman paul does in all of the debates and a lot of supporters all over the place. herman cain seems had a big night. newt gingrich had big lines. >> rick santorum had a great line, i thought. unless something dramatic happens that we can't foresee and that has happened in previous elections, it could happen. i do think at this stage it is really a race between perry and romney. the whole point of prosecutorry is he is more conservative than mitt romney, the frontrunner. if they can show, the other candidates collectively can show that he is not more conservative and for something called transnational health insurance, whatever that is, dig up speeches where he declares mexico and tekd texase same country. he said that. it they can make the argument
3:42 pm
to the base that he is not that conservative it makes romney look like an actual conservative by comparison. >> bret: if that is the case and they make that case, chuck, isn't there then this vacuum for the person running against romney? like a hunger for an alternative not rick perry, not romney? >> could be but the clock is ticking and late to organize a campaign. doesn't appear -- >> bill clinton didn't get in the race until october. >> that is true but primaries in the caucuses are early this time around and romney has this huge outfit and organization already in place. i think we are talking a lot about style points here on the depate. i want to go back to the ifstance because i think 23 romney wins on the immigration thing it may end up being a purist victory. the republicans are positioning themselves as extremely hardline on immigration. they are allowing illegal and legal immigration to blur together and they sound like they are against all of it and there are a lot of immigrants
3:43 pm
and children of immigrants who are going to vote next fall and, you know, what wins the nomination for romney may not help him in the general. it is surprising to me that perry has not done a better job of explaining the political rationale for the view he has on immigration. >> john mccain faced this and george bush faced this on the immigration issue. >> but i think it it is rather easy once you get out of the internal debates among republicans on immigration to make the case which i think is sort of the consensus case among republicans that yes, we welcome legal immigrants, we are a country of legal immigrants. we want people to enter legally and that is that we want to discourage illegal immigration. the basic unfairness of having legal immigrants waiting all around the world while illegal immigrants are coming in. and also in saying if you can demonstrate that we can actually shut the border and
3:44 pm
end illegal immigration effectively. you are not going to end it entirely, but turn a river into a trickle then people will be open to all kinds of accommodations for people already here. so i think that is an easy case to make. i wouldn't worry about that. on the issue of is it early or late, it is early. and even if let's assume that perry fades. core ohthink that is a core smed nation that romney will enjoy. what perry had taken away in the antiromney challenge i think will still be there and it will be available for candidates to the right of romney. >> bret: is there now going be looking at this for someone who is not mitt romney, for a call for somebody else to get in the race? a chris christie, clarion call again? >> i spoke to two people this
3:45 pm
week, well known people who are bothering chris christie and his wife on the phone trying to convince them to get in. that may happen. temprament matters and republicans hate chaos. they like orderly transitions of power. they respect their elders. they would be afraid of that, we would enjoy it but i don't think they will. >> why i hear christie, i think the real guy we ought to call is gogo because i think he is waiting around. >> bill kristol is probably typing an article some where are but paul ryan and -- >> bret: next up, the lightning round. stay with us. accept it. you can't change the way banking works. just accept it, man. free ? doesn't close at five ? try nature. it's a bank. what do you want, a hug ? just accept it. hidden fees, fine print, or they'll stick it to you some other way. stay with the herd, son. accept it. just accept it. accept it. just accept it. accept it.
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i hope to have an opportunity to assist this
3:49 pm
committee's inquiry in the future. on the advice of my attorney i must respectfully decline to answer any questions. >> bret: not answering any questions on capitol hill. every week viewers vote in our your choice online friday lightning round poll and this week race to the finish with the solyndra investigation won with 44% of the vote. that is what you u saw. the c.e.o. up there and top officials taking the fifth. start there. back with the panel. what about this and where does it go? charles? >> the fifth ray mendment is one of the gorerie glories of r constitution. unfortunately, when you u take it you look guilty. something that you can't avoid. i think the implications here of some criminal wrong doing are only strengthened when you see people refuse to answer questions. i don't think anybody has demonsated criminality but i think it will hurt the administration especially if the inquiry gets wider and it is about all of the money that has been thrown at these
3:50 pm
enterprises which are insolvent is there any political favoritism or not. i'm sure they will find something. >> bret: chuck? >> sort of hat trick for republicans because they win if there is political favoritism. they win if the companies go bankrupt and they win even if the the companies succeed because the only way they succeed is by diverting jobs into something else from these. >> bret: although the taxpayers lose. >> the taxpayers lose either way and that is the point i was coming to is the nifty report had about darryl republicans and de democrats across the board have used this so prop up companies in the name of green energy, medical technology. fundamentally flaw and they lead to things like this. >> i don't understand why given the attacks that the executives presided over a failed company democrats would ever want to
3:51 pm
align themselves in public with these folks. these solyndra people. by the way promised that they would testify earlier this year. not clear why they changed their mind. charles absolutely right, they look guilty as everybody does who invokes the fifth amendment. you saw henry waxman say that it was is somehow unconstitutional to president them for answers. you saw other democratic mercedes saying stop being mean to the solyndra guys. why would you say tat on television if you are a democrat? efforts by the palestinian authority to get statehood came to a head today with palestinian president mahmoud abbas and the israeli prime minister speaking at the u.n. general assembly. >> policies threat ton also undermine the structures of the palestinian national authority and even bend its existences. enough. enough. enough. >> i extend my hand to the
3:52 pm
palestinian people with whom we seek a just and lasting peace. >> where is this headed? >> i don't know where it is headed. i mean it is going to -- some outlines are obvious. abbas is clearly weakened probably forever after this. going be vetoed and he will look ridiculous. does that strengthen other elements? i don't know. charles would know. one thing that i find fascinating, however. watching the president get up there and argue against the bid for statehood. whether you agree with that or not it is about 180 degrees where you would have imagined he would have wound up when was running for president. it was very clear the guy that is going to change israel policy from the american perspective. to see him wind up here i wonder how many on the left felt sick to their stomachs as they watched the president give that speech. >> the picture here i think is a troubling one that has to do with the reemergences of antiisrael sentiment in the
3:53 pm
arab world since the arab spring and most especially the shifting policy of turkey in the region, the prime minister of turkey now koo campaigning n the same u.n. meeting against israel in harsh terms. they used to get along well and i think that climate is facilitating what abass i abbas trying to do here. facilitating a certain kind of confidence that the palestinians have that they don't need to play the american game any more that they might have support in the region. >> the issues is not palestinian state. the issue is whether a statehood with peace or without peace. there is a consensus in america and in israel about a palestinian state. the israelis is have offered a palestinian state with incredibly generous terms and been rejected. the statement of the israeli prime minister today is absolutely incorrect. israel seeks peace. w. a palestinian state and the palestinians seek a state without peace. u.n. bid.e point of the
3:54 pm
the statehood amid peace neglect nationations has been america's policy for 18 years and this is the undermining of the whole peace negotiations. >> bret: last topic down the road quickly about the continuing resolution and possible another standoff here and a government shutdown. charles? >> republicans have to be quite weary. regardless of who really is responsible if there is a shutdown or even brinksmanship the republicans will get the blame as happened in the debt ceiling negotiations. so i would try and carefully, you don't want to get hammered thoon issue gratuitously. chuck? >> green jobs right in the middle of this. the alternative vehicle funding program a little too clever when the republicans went after this. too provaktive and stiffened the democrats fine. >> that doesn't change the fundamental question which is should we or not pay for
3:55 pm
disaster relief when we offer it to the states. republicans should revert to first principles and remind the public there is a real argument at the core here. do we have to pay for the stuff or not and that has been lost. >> bret: speaking of green jobs, the special at 9:00 p.m. eastern on sunday. working on it for a long time. tune in. that is it for the panel. stay tuned to see an interesting start to our morning this morning. [ beeping ]
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